Guitar and Vocals

Pieter has been playing in local bands for many years. His party piece is jumping off chairs and rolling around the dance floor on his back, whilst playing Johnny B. Goode (Usually with his teeth).


Drums and Vocals

Andy is the heart of the band with his solid drumming, rock vocals and dashing good looks. Andy is also very good at encouraging Pieter's craziness, not that Pieter needs any real encouragement.

Pixie - The Boss

Bass and Vocals

Pixie is a huge rock and roll fan bringing that knowledge and talent to both the upright and electric bass. Her main job though is keeping the rest of the band in line. No mean feat when Pieter is on the catnip.


Keyboards and Vocals

For some reason Paul is considered the sensible one, being the keyboard player. Paul adds those silky keyboards into the mix. We have to keep him away from reverting back to jazz though!

How about a video

Well it is music after all.


Here is a video of The Ferals having a bit of fun.


Upcoming Gigs

01 Aug

The Ship Inn - Christchurch

05 Sep

The Gloucester - Weymouth


If we look fun, and you are looking for a band and think we may fit the bill

About the Band

A local band of feral, wee beasties playing hits from the 50s, 60s to the 70s.


Available for Pubs, Clubs, Weddings and Private Functions 





Upcoming Gigs

August 01, 2020
September 05, 2020
October 10, 2020

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